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    Embedded autonomous energy supply

    Two Qi1001 wireless charging stations are embedded seamlessly in the table top and connected to the battery pack in the table leg. Thanks to this technology, our wireless charging table can be power supplied without external power connection.

    Interchangeable energy supply

    Qivolino is continuously energy-supplied. The empty battery can be replaced fast and easily. In the meantime the empty battery can be recharged and can be used again after 2 hours charging time.

    Protection against acts of vandalism

    The battery pack is secured by a safety lock and can only be accessed through it. So that your smart wireless charging table is protected against external damages.
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    Qivolino is available in different versions. The smart wireless charging table can be delivered in a higher or lower form, be square or round according to needs and wishes. The large range of colors enables the perfect matching of Qivolino with each prevalent reality. We gladly print your logo onto your smart charging table to meet your personal needs. The Qivolino smart charging table is suitable for a wide range of venues. Not only tourist businesses like bars, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs profit from the benefits of the embedded charging technique with autonomous power supply. Qivolino also attracts new customers at trade fairs and in casinos; it leaves long lasting impressions with “WOW” effects.

    In action

    No power connection

    The smart wireless charging table charges without cables and power connection – ideal for outside!

    Have a cup of coffee and charge your phone’s battery. Strengthen your customer loyalty and attract new customers. How often does it happen: you are on the move and your phone’s battery is empty? Wouldn’t it be an added value for a pub or restaurant to give the opportunity to charge any mobile phone batteries? Get more customers into your restaurant or pub and increase your sales.
    Strengthen your customers’ loyalty to your business by offering them a real added value: unlimited charging capacity with Qivolino, inside or outside. Regardless of whether in the beer garden, on the terrace, in the restaurant or at the pub, the system of Qivolino does not require any power connection and can be used very flexibly.
    Enjoy a cozy dinner with friends or business partners and charge our phone battery at the same time. Whether inside or outside, Qivolino can be used very flexibly and offers a real added value for your customers. Furthermore the Qivolino system can be embedded in any furniture or table.
    Attract visitors and keep them at your booth longer! Your own branding will quickly be associated with “cool & hip” thanks to the innovative charging system. An additional promotion tool is the supply of Qi receivers in the practical form of a key ring with your own logo – see Qi2001 QInside. Create “wow” effects and leave lasting impressions!
    Black Jack, Poker or Roulette: keep your guests longer at the table, by integrating the Qivolino sytem – QInside in your gambling table. The additional sale of receivers for Qi incompatible mobile phones with your own logo or the sale of charging time can also be interesting.

    The system

    The system embedded in your furniture

    The Qinside wireless charging system can be embedded in any kind of furniture. Only two Qi1001 wireless charging stations, 2 battery packs are required for a continuous energy supply and a battery charger. Get today the innovative QInside charging system and offer your customers and guests unlimited charging capacity without any need of power connection. Perfect for outdoor use.

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    • I used it everywhere.

      In my book house, I had customers always coming in to read and eat. I put this device in my tables and desks, and everyone was happy! I could put this device anywhere I wanted to; that is simply awesome.

    • I brought in so much extra money and customers!

      I already knew that people loved my bar. But I added Qivolino and it was impressive! I added an extra cost for letting my customers use Qivolino and they didn't complain once! I also didn't have to worry about my anyone stealing my Qivolino because there is a safety lock on it. Every penny I spent was worth it for this product.

    • I was stuck!

      I felt like my business didn't really attract the younger crowd. I was quickly losing profits and my customers. I used Qivolino in my business and customers of all different ages started coming in! They found it wonderful that they could eat at their table and charge their phone. They are happy so I'm happy.